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IQ Shutters is a leading provider of retractable outdoor blinds Sunshine Coast residents can rely on to provide excellent quality and value. Particularly during the warmer months, homeowners frequently discover that the sun prevents them from enjoying time off their veranda or porch.

Not only can excess sun cause health issues, it can also prematurely age the soft furnishings, furniture and other items in your covered outdoor area. Retractable outdoor blinds provide a perfect solution, offering shade and light control at the same time as allowing adequate ventilation.

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What are the benefits of outdoor blinds

Retractable outdoor blinds offer several advantages. Some of these include:

Greater privacy

If you want to enjoy fresh air but live in an exposed location, outdoor blinds provide privacy without sacrificing the pleasure of being outdoors.

Sun protection

Blinds can be minutely controlled, enabling the level of sunlight to be tailored to meet occupants’ needs. During cooler days, the blinds can be retracted, optimising the amount of light entering. On warmer days, the blind slats may be tilted to allow some sunlight in or closed entirely during the hotter hours.


Whilst blinds protect occupants; they also allow fresh air to circulate freely. Blinds enable people to enjoy an outdoor experience without being at risk from the elements.

Weather protection

Blinds don’t just protect against the sun; they can also intercept rain and reduce wind chill. On cooler, damper days, many people like to deploy the blinds so that they can still enjoy their outdoor room.

Why use us for your outdoor blinds?

We are a specialist supplier of blinds and awnings, covering customers located across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. When you turn to us for your outdoor blinds, you will be benefiting from:

A wide choice of styles and colours

IQ Shutters gives you access to a wide variety of blind materials, designs, sizes and colours.

Cutting-edge technology

We use advanced technology and designs, bringing our customers the very best in blind products. Features such as interlocking slats, full and partial motorised operation and automatically controlled options ensure that we can create anything from a classic to a hi-tech set of blinds.

Custom service

We provide a custom service on all the blinds we provide. Our team tailors your blinds to suit the exact measurements and requirements of your property. If you have a circular outdoor room, a need for an angled blind, or any other challenging blind requirements, our custom blind solutions can work really well.

Top-grade blinds that are built to last

Our team delivers high-quality blinds that benefit from good build quality and are made from premium materials. When you buy from us, you’re investing in blinds that should provide many years of excellent performance.

If you want to increase the use you can get from your outdoor room, veranda or porch, retractable outdoor blinds could be just the thing.

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